Kingdom Information Edit

Nestor is Kingdom / Server # 224. This protected kingdom was started on July 10, 2014 and as of August 17, 2014 the population is Medium and the Ruling Alliance is contested.

Rules Edit

Official rules are posted at NestorRules [K:224 X:233 Y:547] (*NR).

  1. No Holding Heroes
  2. No Tile hitting
  3. Kingdom Wide NAP EVERY Monday 8pm EST - Thursday 8pm EST
  4. Restricted Zones:
    1. Forest and 20 tile coordinates from the edge of the forest are off limits to all but S7D. Exceptions are Monsters, Gold and Food, but must clear in 1 march
  5. Gathering:
    1. Keep to 30 minutes or less to gather
    2. First to march gets the tile

Adding Your AllianceEdit

To index your alliance here on the Nestor page, add "Nestor" to the category at the bottom of your page. That will allow your alliance page to be listed here for anyone to stumble upon. You may also like to add it in the table below, which will allow you to let others know the status of your alliance, and the type of alliance. Just remember, it's your responsibility to update and change your information. DO NOT edit the listings of someone else, and feel free to make the alliance name a link to your page, and please try to keep them in alphabetical order.

Alliances In NestorEdit

Alliance Name Tag Recruiting Type of Alliance Language
Spartans of Nestor (Sxn)OpenPeaceful Eng-US
White Spartans (Wxn)OpenPeaceful


Les créateurs (M88) Open Peaceful FR-fr
Wolfsrudel II (WR2) ?  ? German
United for US (UIU)  ?  ? Eng-US
Superior Army (!SP)  ? ? Eng-US
Seven Deadly Sins (S7D)
Heathen Empire (He+)
JAGUAR (JR4)  ?  ? Russian
Fellowship of Empire (FE*)  ? ?


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